Dundee Tunnel Research

Ultrasonic Anemometer Flow Data

Ultrasonic meteorological anemometers were used to measure airflows in the shaft. The sensors give velocity components in three directions. Data can be found on the following pages:

Northbound Data

Southbound Data

The installation of the ultrasonic flow sensors can be seen on the photographs page.

Ultrasonic sensor
Ultrasonic flow sensor

List of Equipment

Equipment Description
Ultrasonic Anemometer Gill Instruments WindMaster Pro model 1313
Interface/ power supply Interface / Power Supply Gill model 1189PC
Cable reels W4742 cable on 100m cable reels.

Nominal accuracy for ultrasonic anemometer data between 0 and 20m/s:
in u and v directions: 1.5% RMS
w direction 3% RMS