Dundee Tunnel Research

Ultrasonic Anemometer Data - Northbound

This page contains data measured using ultrasonic anemometers during the following Northbound train runs:

Train Run Number Speed (km/h) Data File
35337 177.5 35337-s04.dat
35339 198.5 35339-s06.dat
35343 204.0 35343-s08.dat
35353 196.0 35353-s13.dat
35361 198.5 35361-s15.dat
35365 147.5 35365-s17.dat
(Data continues into second file)

The data files can be viewed in a text editor and can be downloaded from http://www.thermotun.com/airshaft/ultrasonic/ultrasonic-northbound-dat.zip



Example Graphs

The following example graphs have been produced from data file 35337-s04.dat

The measurement enclosure on top of the airshaft was divided into 8 compartments (see photographs of the airshaft). The layout of the graphs represents the distribution of 6 ultrasonic anemometers in the airshaft as viewed from above.

Each ultrasonic sensor measured flow data in 3 directions. Each direction is shown in a different set of graphs below. The speed of sound was estimated by the ultrasonic sensors and is included in a further set of graphs.

Ultrasonic sensor orientation
Diagram of airshaft from above showing orientation of ultrasonic sensors.


u direction: vertical airflow component (+ve = up the shaft)


v direction: lateral airflow component (+ve = right to left in the top boxes, left to tight in the bottom boxes)


w direction: longitudinal airflow component (+ve = inwards from shaft wall)


c: speed of sound (approx)


u direction: Comparison between two sets of three ultrasonic sensors.