Dundee Tunnel Research

Other Measurements

Further measurements conducted during this series of tests included environmental measurements (this page) and external noise measurements.

Environmental Measurements

Measurements of wind speed, ambient pressure and temperature were conducted throughout the tests.

Date & approx time Environmental data
Thu 14 Oct'04 09h 00m Temperature 14 degrees C
Wind Speed 0.3 m/s
Thu 14 Oct'04 10h 00m Wind Speed 1 m/s from North
Thu 14 Oct'04 11h 00m Wind Speed 0 m/s
Thu 14 Oct'04 12h 00m Wind Speed 1.3 m/s from East
Thu 14 Oct'04 15h 00m Ambient Pressure 945.5 mbar at Wabern near Berne (local weather station)
Thu 14 Oct'04 15h 30m Change in weather conditions to wind and rain
Fri 15 Oct'04 14h 00m Ambient Pressure 945 mbar at airshaft