Dundee Tunnel Research

Contact Details

Dundee Tunnel Research can be contacted by post, by telephone or by email at dtr @ kirkton.net.

Although most people prefer to make contact by email, DTR frequently responds to initial enquiries by telephone, not email. This is because the most useful advice is often dependent upon increased understanding of the background to a request.  The most efficient - and most friendly - way of exchanging the necessary information is by telephone. You are therefore requested to include a landline (not mobile) telephone number in any email message. Alternatively, simply telephone DTR directly at the number listed below.

DTR gives day to day priority to the needs of existing clients. It seeks to respond to non-urgent enquiries within 10 days. It assumes that all urgent enquiries will be made by telephone.

Postal address:

Dundee Tunnel Research
Perthshire PH14 9SS


International:  +44-1828-686241
UK:                01828-686241


dtr @ kirkton.net