Dundee Tunnel Research

Airshaft Flow Measurements

These pages give an overview of measurements of airflows and pressures during train passage through a tunnel on a newly opened railway line SBB 2000. The measurements were undertaken in October 2004 during commissioning trials for the railway. Particular attention is paid to comprehensive measurements of airflows in a tunnel airshaft. Other data include pressures in the tunnel and on the test train.

The pages are arranged in a manner that should make it easy to determine what was done and what results were obtained. A brief guide to the structure is included in Guided tour.

Acknowledgement of use of data

All airshaft data and photographs may be downloaded free of charge for research and development purposes. However, when use is made of any downloaded information in any internal or external report, publication, software, web page, etc, the origin of the data (Dundee Tunnel Research) should be acknowledged. In lists of references, quote the web page address: www.thermotun.com/airshaft/


Preliminary analysis of the data has been undertaken by Dundee Tunnel Research (DTR). This has revealed unexpected features that will trigger further research. More important, it has provided a degree of reassurance that the data are meaningful. Nevertheless, it is not possible to offer any guarantees of accuracy. Any use of the data is entirely at your own risk. Neither DTR nor any other party who has assisted in creating data for this site accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any use that is made of the data. Furthermore, neither DTR nor any of the other parties has the resources to provide free assistance with any use, interpretation or amplification of the data.