Dundee Tunnel Research

Tunnel Pressure Data - Northbound

This page contains pressure data measured in the tunnel during the following Northbound train runs:

Train Run Number Speed (km/h) Data File
35337 177.5 35337-t17a-p.dat
35339 198.5 35339-t18a-p.dat
35343 204.0 35343-t19b-p.dat
35353 196.0 35353-t22a-p.dat
35361 198.5 35361-t23a-p.dat
35365 147.5 35365-t24a-p.dat

Each data file contains records from two separate pressure transducers positioned in the same location. The data files can be opened in a text editor. All of the above data files can be downloaded from http://www.ThermoTun/airshaft/tunnel/tunnel-northbound_dat.zip


Example Graph

The following example graph was produced from data file 35337-t17a-p.dat

Pressure measured inside tunnel using two separate ressure transducers in the same location.