Dundee Tunnel Research

Train Pressure Data - Northbound

This page contains train pressure data for the following Northbound train runs:

Train Run Number Speed (km/h) Data File
35337 177.5 35337-z000-p.dat
35339 198.5 35339-z002-p.dat
35343 204.0 35343-z005-p.dat
35353 196.0 35353-z007-p.dat
35361 198.5 35361-z009-p.dat

The data files can be viewed in a text editor and can be downloaded from http://www.thermotun.com/airshaft/train/train-pressure-northbound-dat.zip

Notes about these measurements have been included on the train pressure data page.

Example Graphs

The following example graphs have been produced from data file 35337-z000-p.dat.

the pressure histories include passage through two tunnels. One is Emmerquerung Tunnel. The other is a short tunnel further south. In the northbound run 35337 the train enters the two tunnels at approximately 135s and 152s.

Example train pressure history