Dundee Tunnel Research

Photographs of Debimo Blade Flow Meters

Two Debimo blade flow meters were fitted in each chamber. The lower Debimo was fitted under the grille and orientated to measure airflow up the shaft. The upper Debimo, mounted above the grid, was orientated to measure flow down the shaft.

Larger versions of these photographs can be viewed by double clicking either on the photograph or the caption.

Lower debimo on grid
Lower Debimo installed on inverted grid


End of debimo
Lower Debimo - end view


Lower debimo on grid
Lower Debimo on inverted grid


Debimo end view
End view of lower Debimo


Debimo with tubes connected
Lower Debimo with pressure tubes


Lower debimo installed
Lower Debimo with grid installed


Upper debimo installed
Upper Debimo installed


Upper debimo end
End of upper Debimo

Debimos connected
Debimos connected to pressure display

  Pressure display
View of pressure display
View from bottom of shaft
View of Debimos from bottom of shaft