Dundee Tunnel Research

ThermoTun - Overview

ThermoTun is a robust program that can simulate aerodynamic and thermodynamic phenomena caused by trains travelling at high speed through complex tunnel systems. It could be used for academic purposes, but its principal application is in engineering design.

This page gives an overview of the scope of the software. The main sections are

Tunnels Tunnel features that can be simulated by ThermoTun - geometry, atmospheric conditions, wall temperature, fans, etc
Trains Train features that can be simulated by ThermoTun - geometry, speed, route, power, heat sink effects, etc
Fire, heat and pollution Local and distributed sources of heat or pollution, switchable as required
Control Control of fans and pollution sources, etc in response to evolving conditions in the tunnel system. This facility enables alternative control strategies to be assessed
Output Comprehensive output facilities
Computer requirements Requirements of the computer system