Dundee Tunnel Research

ThermoTun - Validation

No software known to DTR can outperform ThermoTun's accuracy and speed of computation. However, software predictions are just that - predictions. To be believable, there needs to be clear evidence that:

This section deals only with the first of these requirements. The second is at least as important, but it is related to engineering experience, not to the software itself.

ThermoTun has been validated extensively by comparison with measurements at full scale and at model scale. The former provide valuable demonstrations with "real" data, but they are expensive and relatively inflexible. In contrast, model-scale tests are relatively cheap and are much more flexible, but the specific data are less representative of full-scale applications. As a consequence, it is desirable to use both methods, not just one.

Comparisons between ThermoTun's predictions and practical measurements exist at full scale and model scale. In some cases, DTR has been involved in either the measurements or the predictions. In others, it has had no involvement at all. From an external observer's point of view, the latter cases have the advantage of rigorous independence. From DTR's point of view, they also have the potential disadvantage of inappropriate use of the software, but this is no reason for hiding them from view.