Dundee Tunnel Research

ThermoTun - Control

Most simulations with ThermoTun are targeted at design. In this mode, the states of fans and pollution sources, etc are prescribed in the initial set-up data for a simulation.

It is also possible to use ThermoTun to assess the performance of control strategies. In this mode, user-designed control algorithms are used to set switches in response to information from sensors that monitor aerodynamic and thermodynamic states throughout the train/tunnel system. The user's algorithms define how fans, etc should respond to conditions detected by the sensors.

This method of using the program enables the efficacy of alternative control strategies to be investigated for a range of train journeys or fire scenarios, etc. In effect, the program simulates the actual performance of a "real" system, thereby enabling the robustness of alternative control strategies to be investigated rapidly for a wide range of train operating conditions.