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ThermoTun - Licences

ThermoTun can be licenced only from Dundee Tunnel Research. It is available only as part of a professional service (software + on-going support).

DTR's contracts include:

In practice, most support time is used either in assisting new users to understand tunnel design or in developing the software for client-specific purposes. Fault-fixing is free, but most users never encounter a fault so the principal effect of this feature is to demonstrate DTR's belief in the reliability of its software.

Do you need ThermoTun?

If you think you may need ThermoTun, you should first visit ThermoTun-Online to find out whether the easy-to-use on-line version is sufficient for your needs. If it is, you will save time and money.

If the on-line version is too simple for your needs, you have two broad options. One is to licence the software on the standard terms. The other is to commission an existing user to run the software on your behalf - whether for specific simulations or for wider purposes. Further information about these options and other possibilities is available from DTR itself.

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