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ThermoTun - Software

ThermoTun simulates pressures, velocities and temperatures in rail tunnels and stations. It models changes in these parameters due to train movements and the operation of fans. It is particularly well suited to simulating wave effects caused by high speed trains. The full version of ThermoTun is provided as a full package with extensive facilities. A simple sub-set is available for direct use on-line.

Full version

Online version

Users who do not need the extensive capabilities of the full version of ThermoTun might find that ThermoTun-Online is sufficient for their purposes. It is very simple to use and, for most visitors to the site, it is also free. When users wish to prescribe project-specific data, they may do so for a small fee.

Existing Licensees

Most licensees of ThermoTun will be pleased to use the software on behalf of third parties as part of a wider design study. Some licensees are also willing to use it on behalf of third parties for other purposes, including specific simulations. This can be a very effective use of resources (time and money) in comparison with having a full licence in-house. DTR will be pleased to put enquirers in touch with users who might offer these services (whether or not they are included in the list of existing users who openly offer to do so).

Further information

Information about full version of ThermoTun is presented in the following


Overview Purposes and principal features of the program
Examples Simple applications
Theoretical Basis Analytical and numerical methodology
Validation Validation at full-scale and model-scale
Licences Brief details of licensing arrangements